Driving Tips For Icy Roads

Do not drive if you can avoid it

You really shouldn’t be driving in icy conditions if you can avoid it. In the perfect world you would wait until the weather improved but we understand this may not be possible.

Braking is key to staying safe

A lot of people get into accidents because they don’t apply their brakes properly. Go easy on them in order to avoid sliding. It would also help if you accelerated and decelerated slowly.

What to do if you lose control of your car

If you find yourself sliding decrease the speed you’re travelling at and then adjust your wheels so they face in the direction the back of your vehicle is slipping in.

Be aware of your surroundings

You should always be alert when driving but it’s even more important when the conditions are icy. It doesn’t matter if you keep control but another car crashes into you because you weren’t watching out for other hazards.

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