Business Vehicle and Van Insurance

Why do you need Business Vehicle Insurance?

Business Vehicle Insurance – which is also known as commercial vehicle insurance – is a legal requirement in the UK, and protects you if you use your car or van for work-related purposes.

People often think that standard personal vehicle insurance policies cover them for work too, but this isn’t the case. Standard policies don’t offer the same level of protection as Business Vehicle Insurance does – in fact, standard policies only cover you for social use and commuting.

Business Vehicle Insurance covers a much wider range of uses than a standard vehicle insurance policy. With a commercial vehicle insurance policy, you’re protected if you travel between different locations for work, if you drive employees or colleagues around, use your van to commute to any place of work or if you use your vehicle for work – and anything else that you use the vehicle for on behalf of your business.

What’s usually included

Our claims service – call our Claims team following an accident and we will help make all the arrangements and keep your claim moving

Repairs – repair provided by our network or the insurers

Tool cover – Can be added to your policy

Passenger cover for your colleagues

Replacement car and van options are available

Add Ons

Foreign use cover – keeps you covered if you’re working and driving in most European countries.
Protected no claim discount
Motor legal – expert legal support when you need it most.
Replacement van – if your van is off the road following a claim
Courtesy car – receive a courtesy car for the duration of any repairs, so you can carry on with your business

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